What is HMDA?

HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) is an autonomous body of the government of Telangana, India. It was formed in the year 2008, with an area of 7,257 sq Km under its purview.

Following are the districts of Hyderabad that are covered under HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority):

  1. 1. Medchal

  2. 2. Part of Rangareddy

  3. 3. Bhuvanagiri

  4. 4. Sangareddy

  5. 5. Medak

  6. 6. Siddipet District

HMDA has brought a total of 12 land use zones into the master plan 2031. They are:

  1. 1. Residential Use Zone (R1, R2, R3 and R4)

  2. 2. Peri-Urban Use Zone

  3. 3. Commercial Use Zone

  4. 4. Manufacturing Use Zone

  5. 5. Multiple Use Zone

  6. 6. Public, Semi-Public Facilities and Utilities Use Zone

  7. 7. Forest Zone

  8. 8. Water Bodies Zone

  9. 9. Agriculture Use Zone

  10. 10. Traffic and Transportation Use Zone

  11. 11. Recreation and Open Space Use Zone

  12. 12. Special Reservations Zone

  1. What is R1 zone?

    R1 zone is a residential zone with roads below 12 m. (Below 9 m is considered a congested area). R1 zone is purely a residential zone, but up to a certain extent, committed uses are permissible.

  2. What is R2 zone?

    R2 zone is a residential zone with roads below 12 m & above. The road below 9 m is considered a congested area. Almost all uses are permissible in the R2 zone. Ex: Residential, Commercial, Hospitals, Institutes etc.

  3. What is R3 zone?

    The remaining urban areas that are not marked as R1 or R2 zones fall under the R3 zone category. The height restrictions for residential constructions in R3 zones are 15 metres & 18 metres for non-residential constructions.

  4. What is R4 zone?

    For Residential zone 4, the maximum height allowed shall be 10 m for residential. Village settlement (Gramkantham) and the existing rural built-up area are designated as Residential Zone-4 in the proposed plan. The zone shall also confine an additional 300-meter-wide belt outside the Gramkhantam boundary to accommodate the natural expansion of settlements.

  5. What is Peri-Urban zone?

    In the Peri-urban zone, 25% of the land can be used for construction. For Residential construction, only 15 Meters of height is allowed and for commercial, 18 Meters is allowed. There will be specified conditions based on construction.

  6. What is Commercial Use Zone?

    All commercial activities can be done in this zone. It will be beneficial for commercial settlements in the future ahead.

  7. What is Manufacturing Use Zone?

    This zone is categorized into 2 types:

    1. 1. Manufacturing use zone: In this zone, the land is only for Industrial development. Residential constructions are not allowed.

    2. 2. Work Centers: It is designed according to the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) master plan.

  8. Public and Semi-Public Use Zone

    The purpose of the public and semi-public use zone is to recognize that public and semi-public facilities and institutions provide necessary services to the community.

    This zone is classified into 3 types:

    • 1. Public, Semi-Public facilities and utilities use zone

    • 2. Public Utilities

    • 3. Amenities

  9. What is Multiple Use Zone?

    It is near the ORR (Outer Ring Road). All the constructions which are allowed in the residential zones are allowed here.

    It is classified into four categories:

    • 1. Multiple Use Zone

    • 2. Special Development Zone

    • 3. Central Square

    • 4. General Development Promotion Zone (GDPZ)

  10. What is Recreation and Open Space Zone

    This land is used only for entertainment purposes. This could be anything from parks, playgrounds, open spaces, athletic fields and swimming pools.

    It is classified into three categories:

    • 1. Recreational Use Zone

    • 2. Open Space Buffer (Around the Foreshore of Waterbodies)

    • 3. Himayath Sagar Afforestation Zone

  11. What is Conservation Use Zone?

    The Peri-Urban Use Zone is specified as Conservation (Agriculture) Use Zone. Agricultural land is used to grow and harvest crops and livestock. This could be anything from ranches to farms to pastures.

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